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Baldur's Gate Start

I bought Baldur's Gate a few years ago and infamously got stuck on the tutorial. It was very sad and I left it alone after that. But recently Baldur's Gate 3 has been talked about a lot and it reminded me of my incredibly lame defeat in the first one. Thus, I figured I should give this another go!

...And was promptly stuck on the tutorial again. XD This time I decided that I would not just avoid the game but actually look this up. Surely a tutorial is not supposed to be this impossible to finish. (To clarify, last time I could not find a chest to unlock and this time I could not find any staircase leading to the basement.) And as it turns out, this tutorial is a nightmare for everyone and was added later in the game. They all suggested skipping it and just starting the actual game, which I did and you guys. This game is not half as hard as the tutorial wanted me to believe. XD If you're going to play this, I highly recommend just starting the actual game and learning as you go. Much more straightforward, more satisfying, and the plot is actually progressing.

For this playthrough I figured I'd stick with a relatively straightforward character and build. I went for an elven rogue named Daisy who is neutral good. I have gotten together a ragtag team featuring a necromancer with the lowest health I have ever seen in my life and his partner who is reasonably good at swinging a sword. I was then joined up by the more stereotypically "good" guys and I now have kind of an enormous group. Unfortunately, this enormous group can still be bested by a large swarm of spiders, so we've got some stuff to work on. Pretty sure the problem is that 3/6 of the group is rogue-based and we have the squishiest necromancer known to man. I think we have two people who are semi-decent at fighting and only one of them might qualify as a tank. This is not a well-balanced party. Resting does not seem to heal all that well.

As you can see, I still have some things to sort out, but I'm having a good time exploring and hacking-and-slashing even if I did die to some spiders in someone's basement. XD Very curious to see why people are gunning for Daisy and how long it will be before my group decides they can't handle the differing alignments happening here.
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Knights Radiant Quiz

I've taken the official Knights Radiant quiz a few times now for reasons and what I think is interesting is that every single time I get the same top three although they shift order. The three in question are the Truthwatchers, Windrunners, and Lightweavers. Since the three are largely tied, I figured I would talk about the pros and cons of each order as I see them.

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Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

I finished my reread! Which means I can finally start up Rhythms of War, which has been staring at me from my bookcase since its release date. XD It will be good to finally start it up. I'm very glad I took the time to reread the first three books, however. I find myself wondering how I'd forgotten as much as I had. The final section of Oathbringer in particular was really hazy for me and, needless to say, some pretty important things occurred. XD I'm going to take a moment to reflect on some of these important things and consider all that happened in Oathbringer before jumping into its sequel.

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Wall of Tags

This has always been a problem on AO3, but it sounds like it's taken on a more malicious tone of late? I haven't encountered it yet, but it sounds bad. Personally, I really think tags should be as straightforward and simple as possible. In other words, all that extra information/sentences should be in the author's notes and not the tags, but I digress.

[personal profile] naye made a good post over here about what you can do to manage the wall of tags. I have also found that under preferences you can hide additional tags, which should cut down on a lot of those walls of tags. Hopefully this helps anyone who's running into this!
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International Fanlore Day: Finished!

I managed to do all seven of the IFD challenges! I now have many 80s themed badges that I think are pretty spiffy and ripe for turning into icons (which I'm guessing is okay if I credit the event...). I did a lot of editing and such, but I'm most pleased with creating the Witch Hat Atelier page. I'd been wanting to do that anyway and apparently a reward was the extra push I needed to do just that. :D I think I'm becoming more comfortable with the Wiki coding, so that's becoming less of an obstacle as well.

I have also been getting some writing in for my fanfics, which is something that desperately needed to happen. Last month wasn't great for it, but this month things are looking up. I'm now about halfway through the first draft of the next chapter for The Dark Wanderer, which means it's at 5k. At first I thought I should reread the whole story to remember all the little details, but that was slowing me down, so I decided to just write the first draft based off of what I remember and then reread the story so the second draft can get all those details just right. There's something about this story where starting up on it is hard, but once I get going I'm reminded of just how much fun it is to write for this odd crossover. I'm hoping this will spark a lot of writing before I forget and have to remember all over again. XD

I have also made very good progress in my reread of Oathbringer. I'm in the last section of the book (the chaos after the events in the capital for those who have read) and I'm just so excited. This was one of my favorite sections of the series on my first read and it's proving even more intriguing this time around. Ahh, I really can't wait to finally start up Rhythm of War.

Vanitas no Carte Mémoire 49 Analysis

It took me a great deal longer to get to this than it normally does. Life has been busy! But what a chapter; there were a lot of unforeseen things that happened in this one.

The previous chapter explored Misha and Vanitas's time with Dr. Moreau and their eventual in the form of Vanitas of the Blue Moon. This chapter continues that thread and we get some idea of what their time with VotBM was actually like. Needless to say, it's a bit different from what I anticipated.

VotBM's personality is a lot more easy-going in a lot of ways than I thought it would be. Before now, all the flashbacks portrayed her as a somber person, but, of course, we were only seeing her somber introduction at Dr. Moreau's lab. There are certain impressions I had of her that haven't changed, though, and that's that she is powerful and knowledgeable.

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Alan Wake Review

For the last three days I binged Alan Wake and I had a great time, although I will say that I think I might have overdone it because it consumed me and there were moments I began to feel a little twitchy. XD Even so, I'd like to replay it at some point on the nightmare difficulty setting because there are more manuscript pages to be discovered there and I'd really like to know what they contain.

The first thing I have to say about this game is that it nailed the kind of story people like Stephen King and Dean Koontz and possibly, maybe, James Patterson are inclined to tell (I have not actually read any James Patterson, but the vibes were present). And it managed to do it with a bit of twist.

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AO3 Feedback Fest

As the title implies, AO3 is having a Feedback Fest, which is where we can link fanworks we think deserve more attention. It's basically a really giant recc event. :D Anyway, you can link the fanworks on the above link at OTW or at AO3 directly. I'm definitely going to need to go through my bookmarks to get some lesser known works out there. :0
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Image Hosting Fail

So I was using Imgbox to host images for a little while, but it looks like something happened and Cloudflare isn't happy with them (?), so all my hosted images were replaced with a sign basically saying "You can't do this." I got the Detroit: Become Human icons I've recently made moved over to Imgur, so those should be accessible again (other images are going to be a little slower to move over since I have to remember what needs it...), but I'm wondering if there are better image hosting sites outside of Imgur or if that's the go to for now?
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