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Coffee & Incense

A Writing Repository

Laurinda with text
Above is a screenshot of my main from LOTRO. The background image is from Thomas Henderson and is a fabric print you can find here.


A few quick things: this journal is not spoiler-free, so please bear that in mind as you look through my meta and other fandom-related stuff. I try to keep major spoilers under a cut, however. Always feel free to subscribe and unsubscribe as you see fit. This isn't a big deal for me, so no worries. (N)etiquette is important to me. Anything that edges towards unnecessary hostility will be deleted. Of course, this isn't all one-sided; I will show your journal the same courtesy I expect for my own.

At present, I'm writing the most for Vanitas no Carte, including meta for the monthly chapters and a couple different fanfics, which you can find here or on AO3 under the same username. I have several other fandoms, however, which you can find by browsing my tags. I like to write about various books and other media as I come across them, particularly television and video games.

I run a couple of communities including (VNC) and (Blackwell/Wadjet Eye). The icons I create are located at .

I took a break creating content for several years, but as of 2018 I'm back at it with a vengeance. I like to take part in NaNoWriMo and various community events here to keep up the pace.


Access Lists. If we've talked a fair bit and we're of a similar disposition, I will probably add you. To be honest, I don't use the access list very often at all. If you'd rather not be added to my access list for whatever reason, just let me know and I'll undo it. As for your own list, I have a limited capacity for extreme negativity online, so if your locked posts tend to be nothing but that, I'd rather not be included. Thank you for your understanding!

Icons. I don't mind if people want to use the icons I've selected here or made here. Just be sure to credit whoever made the icon whether it was me or someone else. There is one exception to this, however! Please do not use any icon that says "reserved for personal use." Those particular icons have some kind of personal meaning to me.

Privacy. Please bear in mind, I use this journal to store Tumblr Asks for posterity when they’re related to meta and the like. If there's an Ask of yours I responded to from Tumblr that you'd rather not be public on this Web site, let me know and I'll take care of it.

Transformative Works. If you’re interested in translating any of my fanfiction or meta, please check this post.


This is the bulk of what you’re going to find here. I love discussing fandom whether that’s delving into the meta or writing fic. Notable warnings won't be put in the tags but will instead be written at the top of the post should any apply.


I've been actively involved in online fandom since around 2007 when I finally signed up for FanFiction.Net.I attempted the occasional forum before that but I would describe myself as a fandom lurker back then. My first fanfic was for Fullmetal Alchemist, which isn't currently online but if I ever find it again I wouldn't mind uploading it.

I joined DeviantArt and LiveJournal soon after and finally Tumblr in 2012. Tumblr proceeded to dominate my fandom existence--I was a part of the SuperWhoLock and Pandora Hearts fandoms among others.

I heard a lot about AO3 on Tumblr, took a look, and started writing there a year later. I made this account in 2016, although I only really started using it properly in 2018. I'd been longing for a more old-school blogging experience once more and Dreamwidth fit the bill.


  • Crochet - So far the coolest thing I've made is a dragon scarf.
  • Japanese - I've been working on it for several years on-and-off, but lately I've been making some real progress in it. 頑張ります! I also have a basic familiarity with Spanish and some with Mandarin Chinese as well. I hope to pursue both of those languages after I've gotten Japanese a little more mastered.
  • Music - I enjoy art pop, metal, electronica, a whole lot of soundtracks, and what I can only think to describe as "meme music." A few of my favorite artists are Blind Guardian, Susanne Sundfør, Dance with the Dead, Lisa Gerrard, Ofra Haza, Rush, and Ayreon.
  • Reading - Some favorite authors are Brandon Sanderson, Naomi Novik, Shaun Tan, Douglas Adams, Garth Nix, Jun Mochizuki, CLAMP, etc. I like to set my reading goals on GoodReads. My favorite genres are fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery.
  • Tarot - At the moment I really like The Prisma Visions Tarot, Chrysalis Tarot, Wild Unknown Tarot, and Spirit Song Tarot.
  • Video games - Some of my favorites are The Blackwell Series, SOMA, INSIDE, Finding Teddy 2, Thief Gold, Dungeon Siege, Diablo I and II, LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online), Portal 1 and 2, etc. I have a special fondness for point-and-click adventure games, story-based puzzlers, and RPGs. I especially like discovering old-school and indie games.


Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have, but know that if you send me anything especially detailed it’s going to take me awhile to get back to you, especially if it’s anything meta-related. If you’re contacting me on Tumblr, send no more than four Asks a day (unless it’s a singular question that needs more than that to get the point across). Please do not try to involve me in any current “discourse,” AKA fandom wank. I prefer to stay out of that stuff.

Any other discussion on fandom or general musings is always welcome, though, so feel free to contact me or leave a comment on any of these posts; I like to go by "Bemused" or "Em." Thanks for stopping by!

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